Our In-House Oly  program is a great way to learn how an olympic weightlifting competition works. Weightlifting Nova Scotia will bring an In-House Oly competition (IHO) right to your gym, where your members can lift together in a fun and stress-free environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate in an IHO?

Anyone who is a member of your gym or a friend of your gym’s community is welcome to participate.

How many participants can you handle?

We would love to have 12 to 15 lifters. Our minimum is 8. The upper limit is around 25, to keep the day from running too long, but we won't turn anyone away.

What is the cost to participate?

The registration fee to participate in an IHO is up to your gym. Included in the registration is a $10 IHO membership fee. A IHO member who goes on to lift in other Weightlifting Nova Scotia (WNS) sanctioned events (in the same membership year) will have their $10 IHO fee credited towards their full WNS membership.

What lifts will I be doing?

You will have three attempts at the Snatch and three attempts at the Clean & Jerk. You have the option to use squat or power on both movements. Your score for the day will be the total of your highest successful Snatch plus your highest successful Clean & Jerk.

Do I need to wear a singlet?

Nope! Singlets are not required for an IHO. You can compete in your regular workout gear. 

Are weightlifting shoes required?

Nope! You may wear the footwear of your choice.

Can I use knee sleeves, wrist wraps or other gear?

You sure can!

Do I need to weigh in?

Weighing in is totally optional. If you wish to weigh in, you certainly can do so wearing the clothing in which you intend to lift.

Do I need to have a coach?

Nope! For an IHO, you do not need to have a coach. We will help you figure out your warm up plan and the weights you will lift. That’s what we are there for! That said, if you have a coach, they are more than welcome! 

Do I need to provide the weights for my starting lifts?

If you already know the weights you intend to lift, you can definitely let us know before we start.

BUT… if you have no clue what weights you indent to lift, that is ok too! We can help you figure this out! 

Will I have time to warm up my lifts?

Nope! You are goin’ in cold! 


There will absolutely be ample time to warm up before you lift.

We can even give you some good ideas for what to do if you are stuck. 

What else do I need to know?

This is meant to be a fun and accessible in-house weightlifting session. The day is designed to provide a good sense of what a weightlifting competition is all about, but with a focus on fun and community engagement. While it will have some aspects of a standard weightlifting competition, our priority is to ensure there are ZERO barriers for people to participate.  

For more information about the In-House Oly Program, email outreach@nsweightlifting.ca.